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Interested in my services as a writer or consultant?

Want to interview me for a prestigious national network or news outlet? Is your career in Hollywood dangling by a thread and you know that you'll lose everything - the pool, the car, the drugs, the "full body massages" - unless you can find someone to write or punch up a major film script? Are you a multi-millionaire who admires the fact that I've selflessly written uplifting materials for young children without enriching myself, and you want to give me a preposterously large sum of money? Well, here's your chance!

You can send me an email by clicking on the address below. Assuming that you're not some kind of creepy stalker, I'll get back in touch ASAP!

Random Links

• Here's my IMDB Page with various credits and whatnot. Mostly whatnot.

Ant Steele - A talented writer of Barney shows (and a lot of other things).

Mark Bernthal - Yet another talented writer of Barney shows, videos, and books as well as episodes for Wishbone, Boz and a lot more. I eat lunch with him three times a week.

Tim Holtrop, the artist who did the Ninth Wonder art, also creates cute & cuddly animal characters for a variety of products. You can see them here.  Keep Tim in mind for storyboarding and illustration projects of all kinds.

Bob Singleton wrote and arranged many of your favorite Barney songs, and does music of all kinds for entertainment, TV, film and more. He's a multi-award winner and a great guy to work with! He's also the creator of a popular music-video curriculum for schools and churches. It's called "God's Kids," and you can find out about it here.

Michael White, my oddly younger twin brother, is a talented musician with solo projects as well as participation in the highly-praised "Wilderness Plots" CD project. He also runs an acclaimed TV station in Bloomington, Indiana. He's a renaissance kind of guy.

Jody Miller is a close friend, and a photographer of unbelievable talent. Click on her name to see her galleries...and do so when you have time to really savor the images.