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Some writers dream of creating the great American novel. Others dream of creating a 99¢ children's eBook with burping animals. Guess which one I am?

AlphaBELCH, which I released in late 2010, is my first venture into ePublishing. The book has not only gotten great reviews, but has inspired a lot of laughter in kids (one of my favorite things)!

The book has burping animals from Aardvarks to Zebras (not to mention Unicorns and Vampire Bats), funny rhymes, spoken narration, sound effects, and even a positive message about the importance of manners.

It was a fun experience (also occasionally confusing and frustrating) putting the book app together, and there will be more coming out soon.

And that great American novel? Okay, I'll get to that eventually too.


Every self-respecting writer has an especially-loved film script in his top drawer. "THE NINTH WONDER" is mine (though it could be YOURS, Hollywood! Call now - operators are waiting!)

THE NINTH WONDER is a fantasy-adventure romp in which master showman and lovable con-man PT Barnum is joined by his human oddities to fight a supernatural evil in his legendary "Museum of Wonders."

In 2010, the script made it to the semi-finals of "Scriptapalooza," which is a huge and very important honor...according to Scriptapalooza.

Here are a few pieces of concept art (by Tim Holtrop, a really talented artist). C'mon, admit it - you'd really like to see this on the big screen, wouldn't you? Think "special effects," PG-rating, franchise potential, and kajillions of dollars in profits.

Here are some of the most famous human oddities in history:
 Chang & Eng, Jojo the dog-faced boy, Vera Bigg,
and Professor Pupp - the world's smartest dog!

Let's see, heroine strapped to the rack, Tom Thumb imprisoned in
a torture cage, and PT Barnum trapped in a guillotine by a madman.
Yep, that's entertainment!

Charity Barnum is PT's loving but sickly wife. Her condition is no protection from the  bad guys who plan to obtain supernatural power at Barnum's museum.

Tom Thumb proves that heroes come in all sizes.
He also proves that being a hero can really hurt sometimes.

Interested in rights to "The Ninth Wonder"? Please contact me at

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